If there is something that Works, that would be mixing exercises with fun. The famous Zumba, a exercise with dance and aerobics, is the new sensation among sports lovers.


What is it?


Zumba Fitness was created by Beto Perez, a colombian, in the 90’s, and has grown in number of adepts. The dance, originally “latina”, blends other music styles, like Axé, Salsa and Mambo. And the best part is: in one hour you can lose around 1.000 calories.


Funny and happy, the class is for everyone, because it does not demand any physical preparation, only determination. Zumba, beyond improve your lifestyle, helps to increase your self esteem and fortify your body.


How to practice


There are many styles of Zumba that you can choose. There is: Zumba fitness, where is only dancing, Zumba mixing dance with sticks, and in the water, perfect for summer days.