Learn all about the Crossfit

In the fitness universe there are many forms of training that offer different results, be it fitness, weight loss or muscle definition. Currently, there is a workout that is still not as popular as the others in other countries, it is the Crossfit. This type of exercise is not very common in countries like Brazil. However, in the US it is already well known for some time.


What is it?

Crossfit is a great sport for those who want muscle definition, because it works all body skills, developing them at the same time. This training is also accompanied by loads, whereas the adept should use during class. It works like this: the greater its strength, more weight should be used to provide intensity to the exercise.

The Crossfit practice ensures that various muscles are worked simultaneously, and your workouts are, in general, equals to the trainings that require loads of weight, but the lessons are composed of several students, who perform the same exercises, with equals repetitions and sets.


How the training works?

The Crossfit exercises are always carried out with extreme power and intensity, so that the result is achieved faster, and to provide a better effect to the body. In general, every hard workout takes 50-60 minutes and demands the supervision of an instructor, who has to define which exercises should be performed.

As the muscles are worked intensively and always with the aid of a weight, the result, in some cases, can be very fast and remarkable, but it all depends on how each body reacts and also the professional assistance you are getting. Remember that each class of Crossfit can burn, on average, 1000 calories.


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